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Williams WILROY Series Hydraulically Diaphragm Pumps

Williams and Milton Roy have combined technologies to design a pump blending the proven mRoy® hydraulic by-pass diaphragm design with the Williams “V” Series pump. The result is the low volume, high turndown characteristics of a pneumatic drive coupled with the chemical containment and high pressure capabilities of a hydraulically actuated diaphragm.

The WILROY is a hydraulically actuated diaphragm pump which delivers chemical containment, low maintenance, over-pressurization protection with unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability.


• 316 SS exposure • Integral relief valve • Maintenance-free hydraulic system • Five sizes in two housing — Field reconfigurable • Compact size for ease of installation • Centralized design for ease of maintenance & operation • Gylon® diaphragm for diverse compatibility • Optimum chemical containment

Additional information can be found here: Wilroy Brochure

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