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Williams V Series Plunger Pumps

PUMP FEATURES: Stroke Adjuster is made more compact and adjustment is simplified with an internally threaded design. The positive locking device to hold stroke length is readily accessible and easy to operate. The Pneumatic Piston and Fluid Plunger Assembly is guided at both ends on TFE composite bearings ensuring concentric movement of the plunger through the seals. The clearance between the return spring and plunger has been optimized to eliminate any possible contact. A true double sealing arrangement is used so that secondary seal containment is provided. Lubrication has been simplified with the use of synthetic grease. The lubrication chamber is filled once over the life of the seals. The bleeder is equipped with a barbed fitting for plastic tubing so that the fluid bled from the fluid chamber can be collected. Both the discharge and suction check valves have tough TFE composite seats for long life and positive sealing. Threaded port after the secondary seal provides for the indication, collection or containment of any seal leakage.

Additional information can be found here: V Dual Seal Plunger Brochure

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