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K-Dyne Pressure Pilots & Relays

K-Dyne is a North American company who provides pressure pilots and relay equipment suited for production control systems.

The P40 pressure pilots function as a three way block and bleed valve, which can be configured to respond to increasing and decreasing process pressures. The piston design has three sensing diameters to meet desired pressure ranges. The spring pressure operates from 10-10,000 psi.

R11 manual and automatic relay systems operate as a compact operating instrument valve which is well suited for production control systems. The R11 is ideal for field mounting on pressure sensors, actuators and other control units.

K-Dyne Manifolds act as an interface with high and low pressure switches, these units are made with 316 stainless steel.

Models Available

Pressure Pilots (P40’S)

  • P40-10-115PSI              K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 10-115 PSI 1.25 Piston Diameter
  • P40-20-230PSI              K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 20-230 PSI 1.25 Piston Diameter
  • P40-50-450PSI              K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 50- 450 PSI 1.25 Piston Diameter
  • P40-200-750PSI            K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 200-750 PSI 0.50 Piston Diameter
  • P40-500-1500PSI          K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 500-1500 PSI 0.50 Piston Diameter
  • P40-1000-3000PSI        K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 1000-3000 PSI 0.50 Piston Diameter
  • P40-2000-5000PSI        K-Dyne Pressure Pilot 2000-5000 PSI 0.25 Piston Diameter
  • P40 Manifold        K-Dyne Pressure Pilot Manifold
  • P40 Repair Kit       K-Dyne Pressure Pilot Repair Kit

K-Dyne Relays

  • K-Dyne 11-005-000        R11 Relay Repair Kit


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