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Surge Tank Collection Bottle

The Innovel Surge Tank/ Collection Bottle is used to steady out a pulsating supply source. An example would be the discharge from a chemical injection pump, which then allows for a controlled steady state supply of gas which can then be used to supply other sources. This is accomplished by connecting the pulsating source to the inlet of the surge tank which then acts as a buffer to smooth out the source and discharge the gas at a controlled rate and pressure.

A secondary function of the unit is that it will also help to alleviate water from the supply gas. This gas can then be used to supply the heaters or other instrumentation, thus saving gas and reducing emissions to the atmosphere. These units have an internal diameter of 3” and are 26” in length. They are constructed of aluminum and come complete with pressure gauges, regulator, relief valve, fittings and valves to allow for an out of the box installation.

In most applications the surge tank is able to utilize all the emission from the chemical pump to supply the heaters. This allows for a far less costly and more effective alternative to solar pumps.

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